Inclement Weather Policy

When weather situations occur within the course of a band event:

  • In a rehearsal situation, the band will move the rehearsal inside and start or complete rehearsals in the indoor space as required by the severity of the weather.
  • For a performance / football game the weather will dictate the procedures for the evening. In the case of rain, the game goes on and the band plays and often performs – the band has a set of ponchos to use for these situations. In the event of severe weather, the band and the entire “stadium complex” will follow the FCPS inclement weather policy and the JMHS severe weather procedures to “evacuate” the stadium. There will be a delay in the game and the performance schedule while the band members are housed inside the school, and play will be resumed as dictated by the weather situation.
  • At a competition, every event and facility has an inclement weather plan that will be followed. Competitions on turf surfaces (and often grass) will occur in the rain as long as the weather and field conditions are not dangerous for the performers. When either weather or field conditions do not allow for performance in the stadium, performances are sometimes moved onto the schools "asphalt" practice facility, or a stand still performance will be done in the school's gym.